Learn to FIND, FUND and FLIP Houses

Access the most comprehensive House Flipping Community & Coaching Program on the market from the Stars of A&E and Hulu's "50/50 Flip" Dedric & Krystal Polite

If we can do it, you can too!

We’re not special!

We’re normal people just like you. We both worked 50 hour work weeks in corporate America before getting into real estate, while juggling being married with 2 kids. We could have let that stop us, but we didn't! Instead, what we did was hired a coach who taught us the specialized knowledge we needed and took massive imperfect action, consistently over time.

By locking in with us you’ll gain an understanding of how to evaluate deals, how the house flipping process works, and how to buy properties at discounted prices and flip them for huge profits. You'll be armed with all the information you need to do this using little to none of your own money.

We're not flipping million dollar homes! We have learned that there's a shortage of affordable housing in America. So the starter home price point between $200-400K is more attainable for the average home buyer and fix and flip investor.

Our Story

When we first got started in real estate investing less than 7 short years ago we were faced with the same challenge. How do we find motivated sellers with high equity? Like most people, we had NO IDEA where to start. What marketing strategies should we invest in? What lists should we target?

We did know,


Our WHY? We also knew our WHY. Your WHY stands for What Helps You. Or What Hurts You? What is it that will make you go through the ups and downs of growing a business? Our WHY was To achieve financial freedom and independence and to pass on a legacy of generational wealth & financial freedom to our 2 young sons.

So HOW did we go about achieving this lofty goal? We tried cold calling, bandit signs, ringless voicemail, text marketing. Want to know our secret? Our secret to success is instead of continuing to try to figure it out with the help of YouTube University, instead we hired coaches, mentors, joined masterminds, hired consultants and took courses which taught us the specialized knowledge we have today. This specialized knowledge has allowed us to earn millions in real estate.

Who's this for?

  • You're tired of trying to figure it out yourself

  • You want to fast track your success

  • Searching for a Proved system

  • Looking for guidance from someone who has actually done it

  • You want to get started with little to no money out of your own pocket

  • You want a plug and play system flipping houses that will work no matter where you live

  • You want to get started and get in and out of these properties flipping them in 60 days or less

Let's Explore

The Inside Together!

50/50 Flip Accelerator Coaching

  • 1-on-1 Personal Weekly Coaching

  • Unlimited Phone And Email Support

  • Weekly Q&A led by The Polite's

  • Admission to 2024 Live Event

  • 50,000 Skip Traced Seller Leads

  • Dedicated Cold Calling Team

  • Deal Machine Pro Plan

50/50 Online Flip Course Only

  • Access To Comprehensive Online Course

  • Hours of Video Trainings

  • Weekly Q&A led by The Polites

  • Step-by-Step System for Success

  • House Flipping Contracts, documents, checklists etc



How to get your business set up the right way. Like a real legit business. We'll connect you with the company that sets up all of our Business Entities.



In this module you'll learn the strategies we use to consistently find deals for pennies on the dollar.



You'll learn how to fund deals using your own money or Other People's Money (OPM). You'll learn how to evaluate deals, determine offers & how to get funding for your deals.



You'll learn our 50/50 Flip formula to profit. Including how to find contractors, what materials to use etc.


(Bonus) Our Step-By-Step House Flipping Process

Here you will learn our Step-by-step process for flipping houses.


Softwares We Use

All The Softwares we use to run a multi-million dollar house flipping business.


Flip Hub

The Project Management software we use to run our flipping business.


Bonus Materials

Contracts, documents, tools, calculators, SOPs etc.

After completing this course

The 50/50 Flip Accelerator, you will!

  • Have a Step by Step system to get started Flipping houses and investing in real estate.

  • Find and negotiate off-market deals. Also how to analyze, negotiate and underwrite deals.

  • Have Actual Proven Motivated Seller Marketing Methods that work in today's market.

  • Know how to build your power team

  • Understand how to look at a property with a “trained eye”. So you'll know the path to profit.

  • Our Step-by-Step house flipping process.

  • Know how to fund your deals using little to none of your own money (OPM-Other People's Money)


Harold G.

The Polites helped me find, fund and flip my first property. I couldn't have done it without their expert guidance and community.

Cathryn T.

I owned a few rentals, but the market was hot so I wanted to get into flipping houses. This investment has been one of the best I've ever made

Jason U.

I'd always wanted to get into flipping houses, but was afraid of making a mistake and losing money. The Polites coaching program and community gave me the resources and confidence to do my first flip. I was able to earn making $37,893 which is more than half my annual salary!

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get 6 Modules, which you can go through at your own pace! There are multiple lessons within each module. *All Bonuses including Virtual Wholesaling, Deal Machine Hacks and much more will be available immediately no drip campaigns over here! We aren’t going to drag this thing out. The course modules are not downloadable, but they will be available to you online forever.

You’ll have a clear understanding of the Driving For Dollars process immediately, and you’ll have your foundation in place before you spend any money on large direct mail campaigns. This is a proven path to success.

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase but because our course is available via media download we do not offer refunds, returns or exchanges on any of our education products. We strive to offer quality customer service and support. We are in the business of selling “Information” for training and educational purposes only.

We are confident that if you exercise your best efforts to apply and implement the strategies and tactics gained in the material you purchased that you will attain positive results.

Absolutely we have shared our tips with realtors/Brokers, contractors, Insurance brokers, Attorneys, anyone in the business where you are needing an effective marketing campaign. All you have to do is come up with your message to accommodate your business for the postcard. It’s easy to change the message on our end.

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